Dermalogica Social Media Contest: 30-Day Skin Fitness Challenge

The strategy behind this email series and instagram contest was to encourage Dermalogica customers to use the products by making it fun and making it a challenge that could win them prizes. We not only mix in recommendations for dermalogica products and services but we also get customers advertising our products to potential customers on instagram by posting pics completing the challenges.

Launch and branding of Beachbody's CIZE fitness and nutrition program

Led the launch of CIZE home program and LIVE Class dance workout by Beachbody. This included the email collector, landing pages, complete website, email campaign, banners, coach materials, social media initiatives, postcards, product inserts, and more. Just the initial launch emails alone generated 6,168 orders and $538.4K in direct revenue. 


Launch of Cinecore Software

Worked on copy for launch of Cinecore project management software and app for film and TV production. That included emails to help secure investors, customers, and affiliates as well as copy and content work on the pitch deck and business plan.