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Debra Pivko

Debra Pivko
CEO & Founder 

Debra, a seasoned copywriter and marketing expert with almost 20 years of experience in both in house agencies of large companies as well as the start up world, will work with you directly to customize a solution that fits your needs. With designers and copywriters on hand, Intrigue Creative will ensure you have everything you need to create demand for your brand.  


Heath, Fitness, Streaming


GNC            Supplements


Kashmere Kollections     Celebrity Skin & Body Care


Affiliate Ball
Celebrity Event Marketing


The Digital Foundation  Marketing Solutions

Online Personal Training


Motivational Tools & Services


Film/TV Software & Mobile App


 Skincare Brand


AltaVida Labs, PhytAge Labs, & Deep Sea Nutrition
Supplements; Internal 911, UltraFlex, NeuroRX


                    My Life                          People Search



Customized Flower Delivery


Acne Treatment


 Skincare Web Retailer


Fragrant Jewels       Candles & Bath Products


Playboy Sexual Wellness Nutritionals Launch



Conversion Systems   Interactive Agency

Lifetime Wishes
Time-locked eCards


Vitamin & Supplement Sales


Furniture Ecommerce App


 India's leading media corporation

                              Bentley & More LLP       Law firm


Success Vantage         Supplements & Lifestyle

“Working with Debra was an absolute pleasure. She instantly knew how to focus my messaging, make my website user friendly, and increase sales!”
— Stephanie Shane, CEO of Pass The NBCOT
Debra’s drive, strength, bravery, honesty, curiosity and intelligence are all standout qualities that make working with her a joy. A born entrepreneur, she is a fantastic networker who boldly takes risks and asks for what she wants — all with a smile. As a copywriter, she has amassed diverse experience working with brands both large and small, including one of the world’s best fitness brands and her own brands. She is clearly knowledgeable about the value of great copywriting and the key approaches that can make or break one’s marketing efforts.
— Charli Rousseau, Dermalogica
Debra is a very bright and talented individual, who sees things that most people don’t. With extensive experience in copywriting, branding, marketing, and sales growth strategy, she sees the bigger picture goals and vision for a company and makes crucial observations and suggestions. I highly recommend her and the team she leads.
— Christopher Lombardi, CEO Advanced Softgel
Debra was one of the most talented and professional copywriters at Beachbody. She was able take a very broad concept for a campaign and turn around captivating and engaging messaging, which in turn helped my department produce positive results. Her ability to write across many channels and brands made her a valuable asset. I always appreciated her attentiveness to a project; asking questions and understanding the overall goal. She was timely, communicative and a pleasure to work with. I hope to work with her again in the future.
— Feren Morgret, Email Marketing Manager - Beachbody